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Environmental Peace and Eco-Civilization

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Domestication Of Trees and Climate Action

What is Familial Forestry

Familial forestry starts with domestication of trees and goes beyond later. It directly involves family in plantation and its care. When a house hold grows and nurture its own forest in and around house then the children of that house get sensitized about the surrounding during their primary stage of socialization. It shapes them as environmental connected individual. Fruit’s plant at home not only provide nutrition but can become a source of income also. Family gets fresh and organic vegetables, without extra land, water and labour because these vegetables are grown with trees. Family trees provide nesting place to birds, insects thus increase biodiversity. Familial Forestry associates ritual and festivals with trees to make green foot- printing an integral part of social structure.


Sensitization at home motivates family to think about community forest. 65% of Indians never heard about climate change as compared to 10% of Japanese and 40% of global average. Climate literacy and public understanding of the local dimensions of climate change are vital for public engagement and support climate action. Education and civil engagement are the strongest predictors of public awareness of climate change. Being a bottom up approach Familial forestry directly involves community specially our younger people in climate action thus it has been replicated. In over one million families from more than 10000 villages of desert prone north-west Rajasthan in last one and half decade. Over 2.5 million saplings have been planted by active participation of students and desert dwellers.

Institutional Forest

The idea of institutional forest executes sustainable forest management in educational institutions by involving students and local community. We developed our first Institutional forest in our collage campus at Bikaner. This forest has 100 tree varieties and good floral-faunal diversity of the thar desert in 6 hectares of land. The idea of Institutional forest have been replicated in 170 rural school of 170 village till date.

People Nursery

The idea of people’s nursery is an indispensable part of Familial Forestry concept it is meant for providing quality saplings without cost. In developing countries it is hard to afford sapling’s cost for poor families. People’s nurseries are fount for saplings and have been provided 2 million saplings till date.

Founder's Message

हरितप्रणाम (Green Greetings) 

The sole objective of my life is to dedicate my self for environmental peace and eco-civilization. The idea of Familial Forestry was conceived and developed to achies this goal. Since 2003 i’ve been making people understand about how to get connected with nature. Millions of Green members of respective familes, series of Institutional forests and people’s nurseries have been propelling this green endeavour towards green socialisation and Eco-Civilization. I expressed my heartfelt gratitude to all green heads, hands and hearts. Regards 

ShyamSunder Jyani
Associate Professor of Sociology
Govt. Dungar Collage, Bikaner, Rajasthan


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