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Founder’s Message

Environmental awareness has hit a new note in the 21 st century with both the developed and developing countries realizing the massive significance of not only preserving our environment but at the same time to take up decisive measures to replenish rapidly depleting natural resources of our planet. However, while there has been a great progress in policy making and debates over environmental issues, effective implementation of these policies and on ground realization of the goals still has to travel a long path.

Any policy or national goal cannot be effectively implemented unless there is a large-scale awareness and mobilization of the masses in the process. Right from my early age, I was highly sensitive towards the nature. My all efforts have been towards bringing some visible changes in conservation of our environment. I am Associate Professor and Head, P.G. Dept of Sociology at Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner, Rajasthan and Honorary Director, Center for Community Sociology. Being a Social Scientist, I evolved the unique concept of ‘Familial Forestry’ in 2006. It involves plantation and post plantation care which directly ensures participation of family as the smallest unit of the concept with the active role of the children with the school teacher and the school acts as motivating

Every culture has a strong connection with environment, in the era of pre- industrial world it was environment friendly and in present postindustrial period it is unfriendly to the environment. As we all know that human being doesn’t have any kind of basic instinct therefore we gain everything through the process of learning by doing therefore planting, watering and other protective activities regarding the planted sapling is a very significant
action which affects our subconscious by sensitization regarding nature because the growth of a keenly observed plant is a very strong stimulator for environment friendly thought process and when the process starts it accumulates the concerned ideas that can be in the form of more plantation, water conservation, biodiversity conservation and other environmental awareness activities.
It is like a chain reaction which can be defined as social networking and the Idea of Familial Forestry has strong possibilities to act and create awareness regarding the issue.
Being a bottom to up approach with action research and activism including the components of Observation, Orientation, Evaluation, Appreciation, Recognition Familial Forestry concept can be considered an effective tool to make instrumental the idea of environment education by doing conservational activities and advocating the agenda. First time it seems a philosophical or an abstract type of theology but it is being continuously proved by us since 2006.”
People and organizations associated with Familial forestry have been replicating it every day thus credit of its succes goes to entire Familial forestry community. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who leaves green footprint and strengths eco – Brotherhood through Familial forestry.
Environmental Sociologist