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Familial Forestry

What Is Familial Forestry

In sociology, we understand family as a basic unit of society. The issue of environment conservation is social issue because environment degrades first of all in human mind than it is reflected outside. Therefore I thought to understand and resolve it at family level directly. This understanding motivated me to conceive and develop the idea of Familial Forestry in 2006. I started it by planting saplings in the house boundaries of village Himatasar tehsil and district Bikaner Rajasthan. Familial Forestry is an inclusive approach of plantation, post plantation care and environment conservation. Familial Forestry involves family as an active unit in plantation and its care. It recommends to consider plant as family member’s. It is common tendency of human mind that when we do a particular type of activity frequently for a long time then it becomes our habit. When we plant saplings at home then it automatically attracts our attention. Plant is a living being therefore when we care it then we interact with it. This interaction works as a stimulus to repeat this action and when repetition becomes regular practice then it forms habit.

Role of Children in Familial Forestry Drive

Familial Forestry emphasizes to engage children in plantation and post plantation care activities.Children naturally have more curiosity and that curiosity also works as stimulation. Major part of our present habits are belong to our childhood experience therefore if child gets involved in plantation and post plantation care activities at home and school then it inculcates green sensitivity in his/her. By taking it in to account Familial Forestry tries to involves school students as much as possible in environment conservation activities.

Why Social Solutions Needed ?

We are trained to think for an administrative solution of almost every issue, if take step forward then it ends at the level of political solution. Issues like environment require social solutions. Our collective consciousness regulates our understanding about day per day social reality. Our understanding about this reality not only leads our behavior but also acts as our feedback to collective consciousness. In reference to collective consciousness given social order is not so important as it was before globalization.

Neo-liberal phenomenon promotes customized individualism and this individualism is becoming more relevant to collective consciousness. Customized individualism sounds that appearance is important. Therefore day per day social reality is more interested in things as they appear and less interested in things as they are. Appearance, Symbolization and Customization of individualism are the main determinants of collective consciousness.

Neo-liberalization is very much associated with shifting of consumption from need to desire. Liberalization was a political and economic phenomenon but neo- liberalization is a social phenomenon. In pre globalized society trees were important to fulfill our need directly, therefore it ensured the life of a tree.

How Does Familial Forestry Work ?

In present time need based consumption has been shifted to desire based life. This shifting can be seen in every aspect of life therefore people spend money on ornamental plant because it fulfils their desire of a beautiful home immediately. Familial Forestry tries to bridge the gap between need and desire. Fruit plants at home and timber plant at agriculture farm and mix of both at community land and public premises is one way to bridge this gap.

Familial Forestry is a bottom up approach which follows the path of deductive method. It starts from family and than covers community. It goes from individual to collectivism because neo liberal phenomenon has made individual more dominant in reference of collective consciousness.

Familial forestry not only involves students and families by making them understand about the local aspects of climate change but also clubs festivals and rituals with trees to make plantation and conservation actions a family tradition and responsibility.

Plantation at home motivates others to do the same, extension of familial forestry concept proves this statement. Familial Forestry micro nurseries and community nurseries not only make people more skillful but connect them much deeper with green sense also.


Reach of Familial Forestry Concept

Familial Forestry concept has international identity. it is being replicated, promoted, published, telecasted, broadcasted and discussed at various platforms during its decade long journey.

Family Forestry concept is working at two level. At first level as a manifest function it directly involves people in green drive. Approximately 1 million people including 3,00000 school students and 25000 college students from 2800 villages of north west Rajasthan region have been participated under Familiar Forestry plantation and environment conservation drive. more than 8,00000 saplings have been planted by their active participation. more than 50 percent of these saplings have grown up to trees.

At this level it is deepening its roots mainly in Rajasthan state of India. Familial Forestry concept has been implemented in Bihar by Mission Hariyali team at Noorsarai, Nalanda from June 2016. A team of 25 dedicated youth are connecting school students with plants. Familial forestry Festivals has been organized by Mission Hariyali in 2017 and 2018 to make people aware about the importance of Familial Forest. Familial Forestry has foot-printing in dozens of other Indian states and abroad also.

As a latent function it is being proven effective as an advocacy program that motivates masses to think and act green. As an originator and pioneer of Familial forestry I frequently speak about this concept in public meeting, gradually it has been becoming a community discourse.

innovative digital platforms. i.e. Website, Blog, Mobile App, Facebook page, Short Film, WhatsApp, Youtube, are being used to promote Familial Forestry.

Publishing, telecasting and broadcasting of familial forestry concept at various level ranging from local level to national and international level has deep down its root.

Shyamsunder Jyani
Environmental Sociologist